Welcome to my music log/diary!

A personal goal of mine for 2023 was to listen to full albums more frequently again, as well as listen to music being released this year. That being said...

This is a personal log to keep track of what albums I listen to each day (as I remember to update hehe) and to review specific albums that stood out to me--either positively or negatively!

How my reviews are sorted!

As this is a personal log, I'm not going to be writing up mini press-releases; it'll be biased in one way or the other, and at times could be rambly.

Please use the calendar if you'd like to see what I've listened to on specific days, as not everything I listen to will get a review!

My recommendations are broken up into multiple categories, tagged, and has corresponding links to the left!

The genres I listen to will have the broadest one listed followed by tagged subgernes : -)

CURRENT OBSESSION: Solar Surf by Fuck Buttons

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PROTO [2019] by Holly Herndon If I could sperg endless about Holly Herndon and have someone listen to me, I would. Musican, composer, computer scientist--she can do it all. If you have even a sliver of interest in experimental electronic music, I cannot recommend this album as an entryway into her work enough. To date, she has only relased two albums which are Movement [2012] and Platform [2015] and recently a cover of Jolene by Dolly Parton, which was created with her latest brainchild, Holly+. For more information on HH, check out her website!


Fall Be Kind [2009] by Animal Collective I used to say "if I could major in 'Animal Collective' I would". I can't express how much this band genuinely changed my life. Like, TRULY changed my life. They completely opened my mind and changed what music meant to me. The years of obsession that followed allowed me to find other likeminded individuals on Tumblr and form memories and friendships that I'll treasure until I die. I really just can't express enough the depth of how they impacted me.

My personal story aside, I find that this EP [2009] is a great entryway to someone who's never listened to AnCo and you want to woo them immediately. There isn't a single miss on this EP, you get a decent scope of what AnCo can bring (experimental, melodic, electronic pop) in a condensed way. Truly one of their masterpieces imo, worth a listen by everyone!!

Video Game OST

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